Essential Study Tips For English Exams

It can be frightening to suddenly forget the exact words to use, to forget what you learned in previous classes, or to forget the answers to the questions on the paper in front of you as you sit down for your English exam. We are here to assist you with our English exam study advice and tips.

Establish a study schedule

Getting into an effective study mode is at the top of our list of study advice for English examinations. You can get into study mode by doing things like putting on a “study cap,” turning on a lamp during study time, or taking a walk before settling down at your desk.

Additionally, you should make sure the space where you are studying is calm and distraction-free. Putting your phone aside will help you avoid distractions and procrastination.

Learn to remember words and their meanings

By writing down words and phrases and rewriting their explanations in a notebook, you can increase your vocabulary effectively. You can also put these on flash cards and ask your family, friends or classmates to test you and see how well you remember the words that might be in your writing exam.

Examine your notes

When studying and preparing for the English test, go over your notes and ask as many questions as you can regarding the forthcoming test to help you recall key dot points and rubric terms.

If you are concerned about remembering information, you might find it helpful to read your notes aloud or to rewrite them several times. Highlighting the central points is always useful for quick reference.


Students today are fortunate to have access to the internet, where they can find a wealth of useful information. Research the primary idea and themes of the assigned texts you are studying to take advantage of this.

Examine study materials and summaries

Read through any useful English such as prior English exam papers.

Prior to your tests, Pay extra attention

Leading up to the English exam, your teacher will be providing you with as much information as possible to help you study for the exam. You may also ask for advice and confirm the format of the exam—whether it will be an essay, a persuasive response, or another text type—by asking for clarification.

Establish a study group

The last piece of our study advice for English examinations is to form or join a study group. This will enable you and your classmates to share notes and provide and receive feedback on each other’s work.

Proper English tutoring will help students prepare and get ready for English exams. We at Masterclass English College are results-driven and collaborate with the students and parents to help you achieve your English academic learning goals.