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47 Years of Experience

Our tutors are masters of English with over 47 years of teaching experience under their belt.

More Than Just Results

Our courses not only help students achieve high academic marks but develop a love of English literature and language.

A Proven Approach to English Fluency


In all courses, students receive weekly homework that is marked in detail and returned promptly. THis enables them to understand their strengths as well as areas in need of improvement – a vital aspect of their journey towards English mastery.


We believe it is important for students to expand their personal vocabulary in order to enrich the range of their expression both orally and in writing. We regularly conduct vocabulary extension and testing to improve student vocabulary.


We place great emphasis on improving the reading ability of our students. We provide our students with a wide range of reading materials to help enrich their English comprehension while promoting awareness of significant issues in our world.

Writing tasks

We encourage our students to put their English skills into practice through a broad range of creative and narrative tasks such as creative writing, persuasive writing, speeches and discursive writing as well as many other genres.

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