Years 2-3 English Reading and Writing

Preliminary note

 In ALL courses students receive WEEKLY HOMEWORK that is marked in detail and returned promptly to enable them to understand their strengths as well as areas in need of improvement. This is a vital aspect of their progress.

It is important for students to expand their personal vocabulary in order to enrich the range of their expression both written and oral, therefore vocabulary extension and testing continues throughout the year in all classes.


Zoom meeting

Lesson schedule

Sunday 12:00 – 1:00PM

Lesson Length

1 hour tutorial



Course Content

Students read and analyse different text types learning how to identify the resources of language and style employed by writers to achieve different purposes.
In the process students develop a range of English skills including reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, grammar, and oral skills.

  • Creative writing particularly narratives 
  • Imaginative recreations
  • Persuasive writing
  • Speeches
  • News articles
  • Journals/diary
  • Interview
  • Formal responses both short and long in relation to texts studied

These skills are developed through the close analysis and understanding of language and literary techniques used by writers in various texts.

Through our carefully selected textual material and closely guided reading, students gain insight into the structures and styles of literary and non-literary texts such as novels, short stories, poetry, drama, speeches, news articles, interviews, biographies as well as a range of other reading materials.

During the year students will study one complete novel along with other texts indicated above previously. Texts are selected for their enduring appeal to younger readers as well as their potential to enrich students’ English skills in areas such as writing, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and structure. Furthermore, the texts promote understanding of important issues and values in our society.

What our lessons look like

Course Information

Years 2-3 English Reading and Writing

Build on your child’s school learning with classes that take place during the school term.


10 lessons / term


Course Duration:

1 term(3 Months)


Yes we do! Each student needs to register a separate Zoom account. We strongly recommend that you do not use school email addresses since this can prevent downloading of materials. Each sibling must register a separate Zoom account in their full name. Once you have registered your Zoom account send a contact request to our Masterclass Zoom account:

No problem! All you need to do is add the same course to your cart as many times as necessary. Don’t forget to select different student years if you need to!

Yes. At Masterclass, our intensive writing lessons involve students being exposed to a wide range of written genres, both literary and non-literary, as well as in multimedia formats. Text types include narratives in multiple perspectives, essays, imaginative recreations, discursive, argumentative, persuasive, polycoal texts, textual hybridity, experimental fiction.

Yes, we have dedicated lessons on a wide range of Shakespearean texts including his tragedies, histories, poetry and comedies. Most Shakespearean plays studied in school are also included in our lessons.

We offer critical study of major literary texts including many from the literary canon as well as from a broad range of genres. Through these we teach students how to identify and understand the purpose and effect of language, form and features in a wide range of text types which enables them to apply these elements in their own writing. At the same time ,we maintain focus on the development of skills in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, use of literary language and rhetorical devices.

Yes, our primary courses offer comprehensive preparation in all English skill areas giving students confidence and proficiency in approaching these tests. Many of our students have achieved success in all three areas resulting in offers from the best  schools.

We have classes for students from Year 2 to Year 12. Contact us for further details on available courses, times and fees.

Yes, we have holiday courses throughout the year. Contact us for details.

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