Years 7 English Tutoring

Preliminary note

In ALL courses students receive weekly homework that is marked in detail and returned promptly to enable them to understand their strengths as well as areas of improvement. This is a vital aspect of their progress.

It is important for students to expand their personal vocabulary in order to enrich the range of their expression both written and oral, therefore vocabulary extension and testing continues throughout the year in all classes.


Zoom meeting

Lesson schedule

Sunday 11:00AM-12:00PM

Lesson Length

1 hour tutorial



Course Content

Students learn to develop their abilities to understand and write in a wide range of styles thereby developing their understanding of and writing skills in areas genres as:

  • Creative writing particularly narratives
  • Imaginative recreations
  • Persuasive writing
  • Speeches
  • News articles
  • Journals/diary
  • Interview
  • Formal responses both short and long in relation to texts studie

Outcomes for your child: 

Each lesson carefully and thoroughly explains the texts so that students will:

  • Gain a high level of confidence and proficiency in writing across a range of genres, including creative, persuasive, and analytical responses.
  • Recognize the distinctive characteristics of a variety of text types.
  • Understand the different purposes of various text types
  • Increase vocabulary and proficiency with English grammar and punctuation.
  • Through our carefully selected teaching materials, they will enjoy a richer and exciting reading experience.
  • Get ready for NAPLAN in Year 7

What our lessons look like

Learning Goals for the Year 7 English Class

Develop the confidence to learn independently

Acquire a complete understanding of the fundamentals of the English Language

Gain skill and proficiency in reading and writing skills

Receive personal attention in class

Become active and excited about learning through our unique teaching approach

Ready for NAPLAN in Year 7

What Client say about us

Check out some of the google reviews left by our customers below.

xin-ming chen
xin-ming chen
Matthew has been enjoying the English classes which has been extremely helpful to improve his English reading comprehensive!!
Since I attended your lessons, my English has improved a lot. Your teaching is very useful for me and will help me in the future.
Yunfeng Zhang
Yunfeng Zhang
Incredible, amazing no words could describe how amazing Mr MacDonald's classes are. My wife was Mr MacDonald's student during her high school time and has benefited a lot in his lessons. Now my daughter and son both enjoy the lessons very much, helping them at school, learning new and interesting words, language techniques, improving there writing skills and many more.
Xingxue Wang
Xingxue Wang
My son has had Mr. McDonald's class for about half a year. He had a huge improvement on his writing and literature study. He enjoyed the class. He said he love McDonal. He learned a lot of knowledge from McDonald. My son is ver lucky to meet McDonald. Also, I think Yi is a responsible admin I've ever seen. She always solve my problems quicker. if you would like your child learn English and enjoy the class,plaease come to Masterclass English College.
Jiemin Wu
Jiemin Wu
Very inspiring and intensive classes which have helped my 11 year old son make great progress in his writing and reading. Ken Mcdonald’s class is an effective and neccessary supplement to my kid’s day-school learning where hardly any intensive reading is done.
Wei-Jia Jiang
Wei-Jia Jiang
Our daughter learned and improved a lot in mr McDonald’s year 3 English class since the beginning of this year. Highly recommend!
Min Xie
Min Xie
Vell structured course. My son’s writing progresses steadily. Will continue the course till selective test
Christina Zhao
Christina Zhao
Mr McDonald's classes are extremely informative, teaching us not only writing and reading skills but also weaving general knowledge into our learning. I've learnt so much from these classes and the feedback in our homework, which has helped me at school and in many other activities as well. I highly recommend it!
Dream defender
Dream defender
I was over the moon when I received James Ruse’s offer. Thank you sooooo much, Mr. McDonald, for all your help! I have improved so much in reading comprehension, and I started to love literature so much. You not only teach us literature but also help building our value system which is more important than academy. I always feel very lucky from the bottom of my heart to be your student. Strongly recommended to all of you who want to improve your English.


In order to enhance all English abilities, a wide variety of literary and non-literary materials is taught in class

Students in all classes are given weekly homework, which is marked in detail. This helps (cut: ‘the’) students see their strengths as well as areas for development, enabling them to progress steadily along their path to mastering English.

Giving students thorough feedback each week allows instructors to compile comprehensive profiles of each student’s development, which are reflected in yearly reports.

There is a constant conversation between instructors and students in every classroom, including both student comments and Q & A activity.

Yes, feel free to contact us for more information.

Yes, Masterclass exposes students to a wide range of genres, teaching them how to write in different forms including narratives, imaginative recreations, persuasive, argumentative, discursive responses among others.

Yes, we offer classes specifically devoted to a variety of Shakespearean works, including his comedies, tragedies, histories, and poetry.

Students may be certain that every English-related subject covered in our primary courses is comprehensively prepared. Many of our students have been successful in all three areas, earning admission offers from renowned colleges and top universities.

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