Dive into Shakespeare’s Tragic Masterpiece Othello with Masterclass!

Welcome to Othello Unveiled’: Dive into Shakespeare’s Tragic Masterpiece with Expert Guidance. This comprehensive Zoom online recorded course offers an unparalleled opportunity to study Othello, conducted by our esteemed teacher with 47 years of teaching experience. Embark on a transformative journey that will equip you with the knowledge and insights to unlock the intricacies of Shakespeare’s iconic play.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the timeless power and profound depths of Othello, as you delve into a world where each of the 20 lessons and carefully designed assignments enhances your comprehension and analytical skills. Gain a profound understanding that will not only enhance your academic pursuits but also deepen your appreciation of Shakespearean literature.

From exploring the intense passions of love and hate to unravelling the majestic poetry and powerfully drawn characters, this course will ignite your curiosity and offer a fresh perspectives on Othello. Throughout the course, you will receive detailed personalised feedback from our experts on your 20 assignments, allowing you to perfect your writing skills and truly engage with the play.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock the beauty and complexity of Othello. Explore the depths of Shakespeare’s great tragedy and emerge with a comprehensive understanding that will shape your literary appreciation and writing abilities.

What's included in the online recording courses?

Twenty One-hour Recorded Live ZOOM Lessons
Downloadable Course Content Via Google Drive
Detailed Personalised Feedback on Writing Assessments

Focus includes:

In this course, we delve into the intense passions, complex characters, and profound themes of Othello through 20 one-hour lessons.

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Learn from our expert teacher with 47 years of teaching experience as he guides you through each lesson, providing unparalleled insights and deepening your appreciation for Shakespeare’s work.
  • Exploring Themes and Characters: Dive into the intense passions and complex characters of Othello as we unravel their motives, dissect their actions, and explore the profound themes that remain as relevant today as they were in Shakespeare’s day.
  • Majestic Poetry and Exotic Settings: Immerse yourself in the contrasting worlds of Venice and Cyprus and delight in the rich beauty of the ‘Othello music’ – the poetry of the play that has moved audiences over the centuries.
  • Enhancing Academic Performance: With Othello being a Year 11 English Module, our course equips you to excel in assignments and essays, providing you with detailed marking feedback to enhance your academic performance.
  • Once you have purchased your recording course(s), we will be sharing the links with you through the Google Drive sharing method. Each course includes a five or ten or twenty one hour live lesson recording, the class materials, the in-class teaching transcripts, the homework requirements, the homework task and designated homework email address.
  • Homework will be carefully edited and marked and returned in time.

What our online recording courses look like

Learning Goals for the year 8 English Class

Develop the confidence to learn independently

Acquire a complete understanding of the fundamentals of the English Language

Gain skill and proficiency in reading and writing skills

Receive personal attention in class

Become active and excited about learning through our unique teaching approach

Ready for NAPLAN in Year 7

Course Information


Duration: The “Othello Unveiled” course consists of 20 recorded lessons, each one hour in length.

What Client say about us

Check out some of the reviews left by our customers below.

Year 10 Parent
Year 10 Parent
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“Enrolling in 'Othello Unveiled' was a game-changer for my son. The course's comprehensive approach and the teacher's expertise helped him unlock the profound depths of Shakespeare's masterpiece. Highly recommended!“
Year 9 Student
Year 9 Student
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"The 'Othello Unveiled' course exceeded my expectations. Mr. Ken McDonald’s 47 years of teaching experience shone through every lesson, offering unique insights into the characters, themes, and literary techniques. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a profound understanding of Othello."
Year 11 Student
Year 11 Student
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“I can't express how grateful I am for the 'Othello Unveiled' course. The recorded lessons were engaging, and the carefully designed assignments deepened my comprehension of the play. With the knowledge I gained, I was able to approach my English Year 11 Module with confidence and excel in my assessments."


In order to enhance all English abilities, a wide variety of literary and non-literary materials is taught in class

Students in all classes are given weekly homework, which is marked in detail. This helps the students see their strengths as well as areas for development, enabling them to progress steadily along their path to mastering English.

Giving students thorough feedback each week allows instructors to compile comprehensive profiles of each student’s development, which are reflected in yearly reports.

There is a constant conversation between instructors and students in every classroom, including both student comments and Q & A activity.

Yes, feel free to contact us for more information.

Yes, students are exposed to a range of textual genres at Masterclass, including both literary and non-literary texts as well as multimedia forms. The various types of text include essays, imaginative recreations, discursive, argumentative, persuasive, polyvocal texts, textual hybridity, and experimental fiction.

Yes, we offer classes specifically devoted to a variety of Shakespearean works, including his comedies, tragedies, histories, and poetry.

Students may be certain that every English-related subject covered in our primary courses is comprehensively prepared. Many of our students have been successful in all three areas, earning admission offers from renowned colleges and top universities.

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